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Tennis Celebs is the premier weekly fan newsletter that delivers the hottest lifestyle news, the latest gossip, exclusive photos, and so much more about your favorite tennis stars on- and off-court.

Each week, 50 times a year, you will read feature stories about the players, see tons of great photos and learn the inside scoop on the big names - all delivered to your e-mail in-box.

Not only do we reveal what the stars have been doing葉hat's in Sightings, we even tell you when and where they will be appearing at exhibitions, clinics, pro-ams and personal appearances. That's in the Appearing Soon section.

The top players appear on magazine covers, and we let you know which ones. We even show you the covers! That's in the Face Value section.

As the stars play in tournaments, they make money-BIG MONEY! And we let you know how much and how they rank against the others. That's in the Money Mountain section.

We get the gossip and the buzz from our reporters and stringers around the world, and we pass it along to you in Tennis Shorts. And did we tell you we have pictures? We have lots of them!

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